Westrum Development Company has worked hard to achieve and maintain a solid reputation as a skilled and knowledgeable company that truly cares about its customers, business partners and the communities in which we build. We do not just develop real estate, we develop real connections.






Kevin Gillen“Westrum Development Company’s efforts in urban/suburban revitalization have resulted in a quantitative impact on southeastern Pennsylvania’s economy.”

Chief Economist/Meyers Research, Kevin Gillen Ph.D.








2_Al heavens

“I consider John Westrum an expert resource when it comes to questions regarding residential real estate development in and around the city of Philadelphia. His valuable insights lend understanding and clarity to tumultuous housing market conditions.”

Philadelphia Inquirer Real Estate Writer, Al Heavens







Darrell Clarke

“John Westrum’s vision and his company’s ability to work with and through community and city agencies have led to residential rebirth in many key areas in Philadelphia.”

Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke



Michael Nutter

“Since my freshman city council days and through two terms as Mayor, Westrum Development Company has been a driving force behind Philadelphia’s redevelopment and economic resurgence.”

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter







Ed Randell

“With our Growing Greener programs, Pennsylvania is taking aggressive steps to preserve our environment, revitalize abandoned industrial sites and protect natural resources. The success of these initiatives is directly attributable to organizations such as Westrum Development that responsibly contribute to the commonwealth’s economic and environmental well-being.”

Former Governor of Pennsylvania, Edward G. Rendell




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